It’s all in the family


Clotton Hall Dairy is perfectly placed amongst the beautiful Cheshire countryside, we pride ourselves on creating luxurious and indulgent dairy products for all to enjoy.

As a farming family, now in its sixth generation at Clotton Hall Farm, we work together with our free range cows to produce the perfect creamy milk which helps to create our luxurious clotted cream.

Our herd of cows graze outside for at least 250 days of the year, in other words they are getting luscious, fresh grass as much as possible, depending on the great British weather!

And with a variety of breeds from Jersey, to Danish Red and Holstein Friesian we are provided with the perfect mix of milk to craft our wonderful clotted cream.

We have gone on to launch various delicious products including Fresh Luxury Custard, Clotted Cream Rice Pudding and a range of creamy yogurts. Working with local suppliers is key to our ethos, and using Mrs Darlington’s Legendary Lemon Curd is a great example of how we can combine two fantastic products to create a luxurious yogurt.